Rabbit or Chicken Coop

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[GENEROUS OUTDOOR RUNNING SPACE]With an open bottom and 61.8 inches of open space, this coop can easily fit 2 to 3 chickens or rabbits and give them plenty of room to rest, relax, run, etc. The open bottom gives your chickens/rabbits the ability to roam on terra firma while keeping them safe and secure.

[MULTIPLE TOP AND SIDE DOORS] With doors on both the top and sides and roof access, it has never been easier to gain access into the coop for taking care of animals or cleaning.  Simply open the side doors during the day and allow your animals to roam, then secure them inside at night to protect them from predators.

[COMPACT RECTANGULAR DESIGN]Featuring a compacted design, this coop with a corner nest  is perfect for smaller spaces such as back gardens or indoor rooms with limited space. The rectangular design ensures that you can easily fit it into any area without worrying about eating up precious floor space.

[DURABLE AND WEATHERPROOF]Manufactured from waterproof fir wood framing and strong steel wires, this coop is built not only to withstand the elements but also to last for many years. The asphalt roofing keeps you animals safe and dry, no matter what the weather outside may be.

[WARRANTY] Warranty: 12 months. Bearing providing our customers reliable products and great service in mind, any questions you may have regarding our products or purchasing , please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.


Product description

Furry and feathered friends alike will love the perfect blending of freedom and security offered in this one-of-a-kind coop.  With an open bottom and weather resistant steel wire secured top and sides, your animals will be able to run and play on real grass while staying safely enclosed.  You and your pets will both love this versatile and functional coop.


A Fun Playpen for Your Furry Friends

Offering an extra-wide area for your animal to run and frolic, this coop is the perfect solution to allow your chickens or rabbits the space they need to run while keeping them safe and secure. Featuring both top and side doors it has never been easier to access and care for your animals.


A Safe Nest for Chicken or Bunnies

Built from sturdy, weatherproof fir wood and steel wiring, your animals will be safe from any potential predators in this coop. Optimized for maximum durability, each material is selected for its ability to keep your chickens or rabbits protected and comfortable.


Weight & Dimensions

Overall Product Dimension

Overall dimensions: 61.8”x42.9"x21.9"

Door Size:11.8"x8.7"

Each Wire Grid Size: about 0.4"x0.4"

Floor Space Required:18.4 sq.ft 

Detail Product Dimension

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Number of Package


Package Dimension and Weight

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Overall Weight


Room Capacity

4-5 chickens or 5-6 rabbits

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