Cat Scratching Post

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1.Designed to satisfy cats’ scratching instinct, bringing your lovely feline friends the healthy claws. With fragrant catnip included to arouse cats’ interest, perfect for them to relieve stress and increase exercise activities, effectively protecting your furniture.
2.Made of ECO-friendly & high-density corrugated paper, this cat scratch pad board is wear-resisting, durable and not easily deformed. Honeycomb construction to provide cats with a nest to take their boring time with scratch/bite/lick or sleep.
3.Consist of a cat scratcher board and1 built-in round bell ball with a pleasant jingle when rolling, which provides hours of fun for your pet cat.
4.The design of the hole satisfies the habit of cats like to drill holes. Giving the cat a comfortable environment to play and sleep.
5.Cats love it: A scratcher, ball toy, play area, & SO MUCH MORE,combines multiple stimulating activities-scratching, interactive ball play, and hole exploration that all cats enjoy and thrive on. Include premium organic catnip leaf ,naturally attracts cats.Natural scratching = healthy claws, great ex



Custom made for cats – Inclined surface accommodates both uphill and downhill scratching and stretching,also features a cubby hole & ball toy for exploration & play.Your kitty will love the all in one interactive cat scratcher, ball toy and tunnel.

Muti-function – Cat Scratcher combine scratching, interactive ball play, and hole exploration, and with premium organic catnip leaf, your cats will love it so fast.

100% Recyclable Cardboard – Made of recycled cardboard, non-toxic corn starch glue to protect your cats and families health.

Durable and Big Size – Very stable and cat’s won’t knocked over it so easily.

Fit Your Home Decoration – With Attractive design and neutral colors will fit your home well.Recommended to save your furniture as cats prefer the feel of cardboard. Happy cat = happy you.

Most cat cave merely offer a place for your kitty to rest or hide. Our specialized and convenient design provides a safe, comfortable cocoon sanctuary that also features two scratching boards, adorned on both sides of the triangle hideaway bed.

This multipurpose kitten furniture provides hours of grooming, claw sharpening, sleeping, and playing for your four legged friends.


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