Stand Up Paddle Board Set SUP Surfboard Inflatable Blue and White

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1.Stand Up Paddle Board Set SUP Surfboard Inflatable Blue and White


The SUP board is ideal for learning, recreational paddling and small wave riding with comfort and stability.

Equipped with special high-pressure screw valves, it is easy and quick to inflate and deflate. Two pre-fixed fins and one removable fin are durable to withstand the pressures of paddling. A practical carrying bag is included for easy and fast transport. Our SUP board is designed with the perfect level of curve, enhancing its rigidity for a more stable ride. This board glides effortlessly through flat waters and rides smoothly in the surf. The inflatable SUP board is puncture-proof and UV resistant and withstands extreme nautical conditions. Please note that this is designed for adults.

Color: Blue and white
Material: EVA. aluminium
Inflated size: 141.7" x 31.8" x 3.9" (L x W x H)
Fin width: 7.2"
Oar length: 84.6"
Maximum number of persons: 1 adult
Maximum load capacity: 220 lb
Maximum working pressure: 1 bar (15 psi)
Puncture-proof and UV resistant
Assembly required: Yes
Delivery contains:
1 x Surf board
1 x Oar
1 x Removable fin
1 x High pressure hand pump with high pressure gauge
1 x Repair kit: Glue & 3-ply patch
1 x Carrying bag

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