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1. [Rechargeable atomizer] Handheld 2600mAh nano-electric atomizer, only needs 2H charging, continuous working time can reach 3 hours, equipped with 6 strong light particles, better cleaning effect.

2. [Large capacity] 13.5oz/400ml container design, lighter to hold, longer spray time, meet a wider range of cleaning. Alloy liquid filter, strong and durable.

3. [Output Adjustment] The spray machine is equipped with a button to adjust the output intensity of flow. The maximum spray distance is 2 meters.

4. [Portable design] The sprayer adopts portable design, which can spray anytime and anywhere. Streamlined body, more comfortable to hold.Lightweight material, reduce load. Normal temperature atomization design, no preheating, spray speed is fast.


5.This spray machine can make your life easier by simply pressing and spraying. It can be directly used on any surface, sofa, bed, clothes, towel, mat, carpet, etc. You can also add other liquids to your garden sprayer.

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