Golden Face Massager

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1.24k Golden Battery Powerd Electronic Face Lift and Tighten Massage Beauty Roller with Magnet Wy-1006 case of 2


Type:24k Golden Electronic Face Lift and Tighten Massage Beauty Roller with Magnet WY-1006Product DescriptionThrough the release of gold of negative ions into the positive and negative ions in the dermis and human echoes and intracellular free radical scavenging, promote blood circulation, to speed up the body metabolism, causes the skin tissue by the body’s internal production life, let disorders of the skin returned to normal, the reproduction of youth. 24K gold waterproof vibrating beauty bar, increasing magnet delicate appearance and is convenient to carry and special waterproof function let you in the shower can also enjoy the comfortable massage.6000 times per minute vibration – a warm and comfortable stimulation is IPSA to create a strong backing. Moderate stimulation on the skin skin care basic, 24K gold vibration beauty bar vibrations per minute and 6000 times make dull skin restore vitality. A simple massage every day for 2~3 minutes can also play a relaxing effect. Can be used at any time and anywhere.Fully waterproof design — because it is completely waterproof type of beauty stick, in the bath, relax while, do not forget to give the skin a massage. Mild stimulation, the body feels comfortable everywhere! Application scope is more extensive

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